Time for professional social media monitoring

Take advantage of an intelligent social media monitoring

The modern internet creates more and more communication structures in which consumers exchange information with each other or with experts as well as directly with companies or public authorities. This is reflected in the rapidly increasing number of posts in social media. The forming of opinions and buying decisions are increasingly being affected by this form of information. How should one deal with this flood of data? How can we filter the really important data and identify expectations, messages and opinion leaders?

Cogia intelligence offers innovative solutions for intelligent web and social media monitoring which can be integrated into all business processes. The newly developed product "Web Observer 3.0" is a powerful tool that penetrates and structures the traditional web as well as the social media content und helps companies to derive the maximum benefit from the monitoring.


Research and results 2010
Cogia GmbH (formerly Cogisum Intermedia AG) offers the ... more »


 IAB Forum in Milan

November 25&26, Milan, Italy

Research & Results 2014
October 28 & 29, Munich


October 27, in Ferrara, Italy

Speaker Massimo Passarella

Camera di Commercio di Crotone (Chamber of commerce of the city of Crotone):

”Web Analisys e Web Monitoring nell’ambito del turismo - Web reputation e Sentiment - La nuova promozione mirata attraverso gli strumenti delle Fonti aperte”

October 7, in Crotone, Italy

Speaker Massimo Passarella

Solution Forum - Dialogmarketing
September 23, Frankfurt

a presentation by Pascal Lauria

Alpword Partner: “Il monitoraggio dei Web e Social Media, reputazione aziendale e benchmarking“

September 15, Morbegno, Italy -

Speaker Massimo Passarella

Annual ACFE Italy Chapter Conference

June 27, Rome

Massimo Passarella: "Utilizzare al meglio il "tesoro" delle Fonti aperte"

IMCN Jahrestagung
May 23, Frankfurt

Pascal Lauria:  “Why Social Media Monitoring is a must in Competitive Intelligence” & “How Competitive Intelligence has influenced Cogia in its European expansion strategy”

International Competitive Intelligence Conference
April, 9-10, Bad Nauheim

Pascal Lauria: "Why Social Media Monitoring is a "Must-Have" for Competitive Intelligence"

Barcamp Südtirol
March, 28-29

Web- und Social-Media-Monitoring Seminar in Bolzano
27th March

Monitoring Camp 2014
May, 23-24



IAB Forum
December 3-4, 2013

WHD.local in Cologne
November 19, 2013

Solution Forum - Software- und onlinebasiertes Marketing
September 24, 2013

Monitoring Camp
June 21/22, 2013

Wissensbilanz und Datenbanken für den unternehmerischen Erfolg

April 22, 2013

March 19-21, 2013

March 5-9, 2013



Monitoring Camp
9./10. November 2012

Startup Weekend Bari 2012
28. September 2012

Global Conference on Disaster Management

26. July 2012
Pascal Lauria: Why "Velocity" has gotten a new meaning for Business Continuity Planning

3. Social Media SUMMIT
25. Jun 2012

Masterclass: Social Media Monitoring - Möglichkeiten und Grenzen

CallCenterWorld 2012
29. Feb 2012

Social Media Conference 
04. / 05. Dec 2011

Social Media 2012
16. Nov 2011

Research & Results 2011
26. & 27. Oct 2011

Social Media Week Berlin
19. - 23. Sep 2011

Social Media Monitoring - entbehrlich, überschätzt, notwendig?
Speaker: Pascal Lauria, CEO Cogia GmbH

06. July 2011
Cogia veröffentlicht ihr neuestes White Paper zur Version 2.5 des Web 2.0 Observers

2. Social Media Summit
15. - 16. June

Cogia empfohlen im Absatzmagazin

Sieben Schritte zur Social-Media-Strategie

Finance Future Forum
Social Media Finance
21. Mar 2011 in Frankfurt

01. - 05. Mar


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